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Katie Berg

My experience on every set or location has taught me to be a good listener - to the client in what they need - to the crew in how they feel - and to the work itself- to shift as needed or to see the opportunities in a new found light.  

I have created a life revolved around photography and my love for the process of creating. If I am not shooting, I am with my two littles, who will always be my favorite models to photograph, (if they let me!) or I am with my husband on our little sailboat going about this life's journey. 

I believe a good photographer not only has the knowledge in how to achieve the vision, but the sight to see it.

I offer years of seeing what does work and what does not on a successful shoot and how to bring a talented team together to create something bigger than us. There was absolutely no question as to what I’d do with my life. I am a professional photographer. I am lucky to call my career my passion and have made a full time living in the photo industry from day one. The last 10 years I’ve worked on countless fashion and commercial product shoots, as a photographer, as an assistant, as a digital tech, and a retoucher.

I aim to bring creativity to your shoot, matched with the expertise in the technical to make magic happen.

That-that’s what drives me as an artist. To find those moments in every shoot that I did not expect to find and to take it. To not just have the knowledge in how to achieve the vision but the sight to see it. And that moment I’ve found that X factor, that unexpected gust of wind, a light that didn’t strobe but created something new, the perfectly matched color of a door with a shirt; that X factor is what gets me excited for every shoot. And I know the moment I click the shutter. I feel it. And it’s energizing for everyone. I aim to bring that creativity to your shoot, matched with the expertise in the technical to make magic happen.